Gift Diapers

Use our service to receive a monthly supply of diapers crowdfunded by your village of friends & family!


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How it Works


1. A parent or friend/family member of  a parent creates a village.

2. Next, the parent sets up their Diaper Delivery Settings.  Parent's can choose a monthly supply of Pampers or Huggies for  in-store pick-up that is nearby & convenient or home delivery.

3. Then 8 people are invited from the parents friends & family members to their diaper village to purchase the diaper delivery service for their child(ren). *Tip: Invite people who are attending or attended the baby shower/first birthday party.

4. Each village member pays $12.50/month per child.

5. Gift Diapers delivers a monthly supply until potty training starts. (No long term commitment required, cancel when you're ready.)

6. **Friends/Family Members of a Parent can start a village for them as a gift. (CLICK HERE TO GIFT DIAPERS)

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Monthly Supply of Diapers Delivered:


*The Gift Diaper's monthly supply that is delivered to you may slightly vary from the purple column but will always be more than the monthly average diaper changes shown in this chart.  We give parents more than the average diaper changes shown because we know sometimes more diapers are needed than expected.

We deliver your monthly supply of diapers (with free bonus supply diapers) to your door each month.

Or you can do an in-store pickup each month from the nearest retailer/grocery store by you. You will get a text alert before every monthly shipping date to remind you to update your baby's diaper size if needed. You will receive your first package of diapers within 5 business days after your village reaches a full 8 paid members (each pay $12.50/month per child).


Once your child turns 2.5 years old the crowdfunding will automatically end.

By the age of 2.5 years old the child will be phasing into the potty training stage and will be using diapers less often.  You can also cancel at anytime before then.​