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Gift Diapers Delivery Chart

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Find out what diaper size your child should be wearing based on their weight and how many diapers you will get each month.

*Delivery amounts will vary but will always be more than the average monthly diaper changes needed.

Diapers are delivered monthly to your door step or through in-store pickup from a retailer/grocery store near you. You get to choose what delivery option you want. Parents can change their baby's diaper size in the Baby's Information section of their account. We will send you a text message alert 7 days before your next scheduled delivery date to remind you to update the diaper size if needed. Diaper sizes must be up-to date five days before the next delivery.

We only delivery the best quality brands that are most trusted by parents: Huggies & Pampers. Most of our diapers provide 12 hour protection. Parents can choose which brand they want and can change the brand at any time five days before their next delivery date.

We send your village members a thank you message on your behalf after each delivery!

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